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In 1987, my husband and I were young parents living on a shoestring budget in our house in the River Road area. In fact, to make ends meet my husband would come home from his full-time job working in a warehouse, eat a quick dinner, and then leave to do yard work in the evenings. I cut coupons, stuck to my budget and did extra babysitting. Steve and I know the value of a dollar and the importance of a family-wage job to keep a family going.

Today, Oregon's family-wage jobs are under assault by an overbearing government that is throwing regulation after regulation at our business sector. For our businesses, accommodating all of these regulations has made commerce in our state so cumbersome and expensive that many employers are forced to reduce employee hours, cut positions or simply move out of Oregon altogether. Over-regulation of our businesses is hurting Oregon families who need these family-wage jobs, as they are lifelines to survival. As your representative, I will work to

  • Reduce job-killing regulation so that more families can find stable employment
  • Increase employee opportunities by creating a business climate in Oregon that’s more competitive with other nearby states
  • Cut burdensome and convoluted taxes on our small businesses


Very few things are more important than a child’s education. As Oregonians, we cannot continue to live with one of the lowest high school graduation rates in the nation. As a teacher in private practice, I take great pride in helping others learn. Whether it’s teaching students a foreign language or helping on my time off on the board of the River Road Santa Clara Volunteer Library, it is important to me to help educate our next generation of leaders. However, I have seen some of the inefficiencies of our public school system firsthand and I know what needs to be done to fix it. Living in a global economy, we must give our children the advantage of a good, quality education. As your representative I will work to

  • Ensure teachers have the proper resources needed to effectively educate
  • Keep school choice available for our families
  • Increase vocational training in our high schools
  • Return power to local school districts and give parents the final say in a child’s education

Standing Up to Government

Last year I spent a lot of time in our State Capitol. As a voter and taxpayer, I wanted to know exactly what our Legislature was doing. I was shocked to see our Legislature forcing their will upon the voters by abusing the emergency clause. In fact, almost 50% of legislation pushed through had an emergency clause attached. Emergency clauses are meant to be used in a crisis, but when they are attached to bills, and there is no urgent need, emergency clauses pull from the hands of the voters the power to overturn legislative decisions. Typically, when voters disagree with the Legislature, we have 90 days to organize, gather signatures and put a measure on the ballot for a statewide vote. Without the 90-day period we are left powerless, having to accept what the Legislature has forced upon us. If elected, I will work to

  • Put counter measures in place to ensure the emergency clause is used for the purpose it was intended


As a military mom who received those phone calls home from her sons while they served in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, I understand the sacrifice that the brave people in our military make to serve our country. As your representative I will work to

  • Ensure that the state of Oregon does everything possible to honor and assist veterans
  • Guarantee our veterans receive access to quality, local healthcare
  • Almost 1.5 million veterans are homeless or considered at-risk of homelessness. I will emphasize partnering with local community and state organizations to help those in need.

Government Accountability and Transparency

Our government's accountability is in shambles. Trust in government and our elected officials are at an all-time low. I’ll change the culture and work as a public servant to make you proud. As your elected representative I will work to improve government accountability by

  • Passing a records request response deadline
  • Make records requests free and easily accessible